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      Minnesota Racing Museum a non profit, is looking for a small space to start. If you are car dealership, part stores, cafes, track, or have a small piece of land we could use to help us start and grow.. The area we are looking is The St Cloud, Princeton areas This is an opportunity to bring more business in your place. as well. If you have a place to help. This may work out if you have your business for sale as we could receive donations to buy if it fits. e mail minnesotaracingmuseum@gma


         To develop a unique Minnesota l of Fame & Museum for educating and entertaining the public while immortalizing the men and woman that has made, and makes Minnesota Auto Racing History, IMCA,Nascar,Wissota and other national sanctions would be part of this unique museum.


 Minnesota Racing Museum to include

 Historical archives, photos, parts/ equipment, cars, track equipment, yearbooks, programs, race track fame.

       We are also looking for board members, if you would like to be a board member

                                    E mail